PlanTS designs and generates creative ideas, sharing knowledge and resources and building meaningful partnerships among a wide range of local and international stakeholders and contexts.

Together with artists, public institutions, non-profit organisations and private companies, PlanTS promotes the culture of contemporary creation, by developing exchange, research and mobility programmes, production and performance opportunities, and by fostering innovation and cooperation projects across different sectors to link local and international contexts.

PlanTS promotes culture as a core value and as a key factor influencing socio-economic development and innovation. As we see it, in order to create a fertile breeding ground, we need to share creative ideas, financial and material resources. The development of synergies and partnerships is therefore an essential element for PlanTS. Building networks at the right level (local, regional, national or international) is one of our key objectives.

PlanTS subscribes to policies and practices supporting environmental and economic sustainability; through its projects, it aims to promote integration, social inclusion, cross-cultural and inter-generational dialogue, as well as civil rights.

PlanTS – we grow creative ideas in an international context!

Who we are

We are a bunch of young professionals based in different regions of the world. We are an all-women enterprise, spanning through a variety of geographical, professional and cultural backgrounds.

We operate in the context of contemporary culture by adopting an international approach but also by maintaining a constant dialogue with the different local contexts and communities.