A…is for Armenia: a collaborative dance project

Giorgia Nardin

Research residency in Armenia

8 September -3 October 2014


PlanTS co-founder Valeria Castellaneta and dance maker Giorgia Nardin will spend a 3-wk research residency in Yerevan to gain an insight on the current Armenian contemporary arts scene, with a view to develop a future cross-border arts collaboration between Armenia and the North-East of Italy, i.e. Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions.

While the Armenian community is culturally and historically deeply rooted in this area, their performing arts communities do not necessarily know each other and synergies between the two are yet unexplored. Thanks to the support of the European Cultural Foundation, Valeria Castellaneta and Giorgia Nardin will attend the [NEST] residency programme organised by ICA and have the opportunity to meet the local artistic community, sharing and exchanging practices and ideas.

The Italian artistic team will also propose a series of workshops and meetings open to local communities, involving an intergenerational group of non-professionals. Workshops will lead to an informal sharing in a non-conventional space, in collaboration with ICA and Baardia Dance Studio. A series of exchange activities are envisaged in Italy.



(Photo: Giorgia Nardin © Emanuele Tortora)

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