L’Eroico Manoscritto

The Heroic Manuscript (L’Eroico Manoscritto), a concept by Claudio Cavalli, marks the beginning of the collaboration between Clarc Artexplora and PlanTS, who will be curating both press office and promotion on social networks for the project. Five hundred and fifty years ago, Malatesta Novello donated the first City Library in the World to the city of Cesena (Biblioteca Civica Malatestiana). This year the library, which is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register, launches a year of celebrations with ‘l’Eroico Manoscritto’ project. In order to show its gratitude for the gift received, the city will reciprocate with the launch of a huge project involving citizens, high schools and university students, teachers, craftsmen, tradesmen and artists, who will all participate in the heroic task of drafting the biggest manuscript in the world telling the story of the city.
Twenty artists from Cesena and from Emilia Romagna Region (Lucia Baldini, Alberto Cosentino, Lorenzo di Lucido, Eron, Sabrina Foschini, Federico Guerri, Kiril Cholakov, Dacia Manto, Olivia Marani, Mauro Moscatelli, Luca Piovaccari, Franco Pozzi, Denis Riva, Erich Turroni) will contribute their works as illustrations for the manuscript. Once completed, ‘L’Eroico Manoscritto’ will be donated to the Library, where it will be exhibited on a permament basis, until the end of time.

L’Eroico Manoscritto is a project by Claudio Cavalli promoted by ArtExplora and supported by Orogel and by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena. The project is sponsored by the Municipality of Cesena and Emilia Romagna Region.

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